Amber Elizabeth is design for the sensible fashion forward lady of today. It is difficult to translate a visual idea into words, but easier to express the path it has taken. I may have began as a young girl lost in a Labyrinth in a far away land called Texas, but my imagination continues to be nurtured in Los Angeles. Perhaps LA is my Emerald City. I have found myself attracted to fashion and art the length of my life, and designing is a niche that fits. It's a comfort and expression like a breath of fresh air. A release. Like I am holding something inside of me that must be let go, and when it is I can finally breathe.

I have a strong respect and admiration for handmade and unique pieces. I love being able to offer a woman a garment that was meant for her, that attracts her and expresses a part of her personality. While at the same time being able to bring production to the core of where it was inspired. Each piece starts from scratch in my home studio, and is constructed there as well. Although I was once inspired to create for every girls fantasy, it has always been my desire to design a classic look with an edge not intended for the meek.

"Amber Elizabeth a story takes, and with a gentle hand lay where fancy dreams are twined. In Manner’s mystic band, like maiden withered jewels of gems plucked in a far off land. Watch the pleasance of her fairy tale grow."

Amber Elizabeth